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As a homeowner in Clinton Corners, NY, keeping your home free from pests is a top priority. Those pesky creatures like ants, mice, and bed bugs can quickly become a source of frustration, causing damage to your property and posing health risks to your family. With over 25 years of experience, Mrs. Bzzz is the trusted name in pest control for homeowners in the Clinton Corners area. Our team of licensed and certified technicians brings their expertise and the latest techniques and equipment to swiftly and safely identify and eliminate pests from your home.

Mrs. Bzzz goes beyond just getting rid of pests. We take a proactive approach to pest control, working hand in hand with homeowners like you. Our goal is not only to solve your current pest issues but also to help you prevent future infestations. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will take the time to understand your concerns and provide you with valuable tips and advice on how to protect your home.

Don't let pests take control of your home in Clinton Corners. Put your trust in Mrs. Bzzz for all your pest control needs. With our years of experience, effective solutions, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we're here to provide you with a pest-free home and the peace of mind you deserve. Contact Mrs. Bzzz today and say goodbye to those unwanted pests!

Ant Control Solutions

Ants often flock to kitchens and bathrooms because of easy access to water and food. Once they nest within the walls of your home, getting rid of them becomes quite challenging. Simply killing the worker ants who pop up in your home is not enough; you need to locate the nest to end an infestation. Luckily our ant exterminators are skilled at locating and removing ant nests in our clients' homes. We understand the importance of thoroughness in tackling ant infestations, ensuring that every last nest is addressed to achieve long-lasting and effective results.

Termite Control

Termites are sneaky pests that often go unnoticed until significant damage has already been done. The summer season in particular brings an added concern as subterranean termites start to swarm. Mrs. Bzzz is here to provide comprehensive termite control services as part of our Homecare Pest Protection Plan. We want to give you the peace of mind that your home is free from these destructive insects.

When it comes to termites, being proactive is key. Investing in termite control measures is far more cost-effective than dealing with the expensive repairs that termite damage can bring. Mrs. Bzzz offers termite control as part of our Homecare Pest Protection Plan to reassure you that your home is termite-free. Proactive pest control measures will always pay off compared to the expensive repair costs of termite damage. Don't wait for termites to cause havoc in your home! Call Mrs. Bzzz and schedule your initial home termite inspection and enroll in our termite protection program today.

Spider Extermination Services that Work for Your Home or Office

Spiders are sneaky creatures that creep into homes via windows, doors, foundation cracks, roofing gaps, and door sweeps. Once they are in your home, they can be difficult to remove.

The spider exterminators at Mrs. Bzzz have the knowledge and experience to tackle spider infestations effectively. Our skilled technicians will carefully assess your property, identify the source of the problem, and implement targeted solutions to eliminate those unwanted arachnids. Don't let spiders spin their webs any longer. Trust Mrs. Bzzz to provide you with spider extermination that works, giving you a spider-free environment to enjoy.

Wasp, Hornet & Bee Control

Wasps, bees, and hornets are always on the lookout for a new place to build a hive or create a nest; unfortunately, that perfect location often turns out to be near the entryway of a home or garage. Stinging insects are painful nuisances that can lead to severe allergic reactions and painful welts if not properly taken care of by a pest control agency. Removing a hive or nest is not only dangerous, but may not eradicate the issue if they are also hiding in your eaves, gutters, or stone landscaping.

Mrs. Bzzz offers different approaches to stinging insect control for each type of wasp, hornet, or bee. Within the Hudson Valley, we commonly help homeowners remove the threat of yellow jackets, hornets, carpenter bees, and honey bees. Each species responds differently, so you need the experience of Mrs. Bzzz to make your property safe to visit and enter once again.

Annual Flea & Tick Control Measures

Fleas and ticks are some of the most annoying insects without any redemptive qualities. Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions has worked hard to create flea and tick control solutions that stick when used routinely throughout the spring and summer months. Our flea control measures include preventative and infestation services to ensure that your home is flea-free by the time we leave the property.

Fleas breed quickly, so once inside a home, drastic and quick measures need to be taken to remove them. We work fast and effectively so that when teamed with proper veterinarian-approved flea control measures for your pets, fleas are banished for good.

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Our Customers Are Our Best Advertisers

We rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising because we know the words of your neighbors, friends, and family members are stronger than any savvy marketing campaign. Our company has built itself from the ground up and has over two decades of highly favorable reviews. We work hard to be customer-focused and only hire exterminators who are as dedicated to their job and clients as we are. As a family-owned business, we take pride in treating our clients like our neighbors, and it reflects in the high caliber of positive reviews we have earned.

Maria Rinaldi
a day ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueGreat experience so far! Anthony is answered all my questions and thoroughly investigated the potential issues and how to solve them.Service: Rodent extermination

Joshua Polick
5 days ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueAnthony was very professional, on time and extremely knowledgeable. Great to work with.Services: Home inspection, Termite inspection, Spider extermination, Bug & insect extermination, Ant extermination, Rodent extermination, General pest inspection

Daniel DeVito
a week ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, QualityTech was friendly, professional, and punctual.Service: Termite inspection

Dora L
a week ago

Positive: Professionalism, PunctualityI had mice coming in to my home during a renovation. He was able to come quickly locate entry points and put bates in those areas. He returned 2 weeks later to check those areas removed dead mice and refilled the bates. Great experience. Will use again.Service: Rodent extermination

Stacey Edwards
a week ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueVery professional and friendly. Happy to say we haven’t had any pesky insects since using Mrs. Bzzz. Highly recommend!!Services: Hornet & wasp extermination, Spider extermination, Ant extermination

Angela DeJesus
a week ago


Joan delisser
2 weeks ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI’ve been battling Asian beetle infestation for two years. Nobody I’ve contacted has been able to help. Thank you Mrs Bzzz for your fast and thorough service.Services: Bug & insect extermination, General pest inspection

Andrew Valenzano
a month ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValuePunctual and professional service and excellent customer serviceService: Rodent extermination

Kimberly Horsley
a month ago

They are so helpful and pleasant every time I have called with any questionsServices: Hornet & wasp extermination, Cockroach extermination, Spider extermination, Mosquito extermination, Bug & insect extermination, Ant extermination, Rodent extermination

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Our exterminators arrive on time every time in uniformed trucks with all necessary chemicals and equipment on hand. We are proud to use only American-made products that are branded and known for their excellence. Our premium materials are a large part of why our solutions are effective and time-tested.

We have have over 300 5-star Google reviews, and the list of satisfied customers continues to grow. We offer 4-hour service windows that are convenient to you and your schedule. Contact us today to make an appointment and free yourself from bugs and rodents.

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