Hudson Valley Pest Control

Most Common Pests We Treat in Hudson Valley NY

On this page, you will find a wide range of common pests we treat in Hudson Valley NY. If you have a pest that is not in our pest library, give us a call at (877) Mrs-Bzzz for further assistance.

Exterminator Wayne NJ Ant Removal Services


Ants can enter your house, condo, apartment through cracks around windows, doors, and foundations or virtually any small opening to your home.

Exterminator Wayne NJ Bed Bug Removal Services

Bed Bug Infestations

Professional bed bug treatment is the most effective way to remove bed bugs from your home. Mrs. Bzzz's bed bug control solution is a 3 step process.

Hudson Valley Carpenter Ant Exterminator

Carpenter Ants

Black carpenter ants are the most common ant in Wayne, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. Chemicals are typically needed to properly terminate the colonies.

Exterminator Wayne NJ Carpenter Bee Removal Services

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees are active April through June. During these months, they construct their nests in wood. Often these nests are constructed in the fascia boards, decks, and siding of your home.

Exterminator Wayne NJ Cave Cricket Removal Services

Cave Crickets

Cave crickets, also known as camel crickets and spider crickets. are wingless, brown in color, and their bodies can measure up to 2″ in length. They dwell in cool, damp areas such as basements.

Exterminator Wayne NJ Flea Removal Services

Flea Control

More than 90% of the fleas found on both dogs and cats in New York are the cat flea species. Cat fleas actually prefer dogs, cats, and humans as their hosts.

Rodent removal and extermination services in Hudson Valley

Mice & Rats

Mice & Rats, also known as Rodents, are considered pest species that invade homes. They pose significant dangers to health and property.

new york mosqito-control company

Mosquito Abatement

Looking for relief from mosquito bites and the risk of diseases they carry? Call Mrs. Bzzz to control the mosquitoes around your home. 

Exterminator Wayne NJ Pantry Pest Removal Services

Pantry Pests

Finding pests in your home is unsettling but almost nothing is worse than finding creepy crawlies in your food. If you have a pantry pest infestation, contact the experts at Mrs. Bzzz.

Roach exterminator services in Hudson Valley New York


Roaches, come in over 70 different species in the US. The most common home invader species are the American Cockroach, Asian Cockroach, German Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach.

Exterminator Wayne NJ Silverfish Control


Silverfish prefer warm, moist places. They can enter the home through small cracks and spaces in a house. 

Exterminator Wayne NJ Spider Removal Services


Spiders can enter your home through cracks around windows, doors, and foundations or virtually any small opening.

Exterminator Wayne NJ Bee Removal Services

Stinging Insects

Professional treatment is the most effective way to remove bees, wasps, and hornets from your home. Mrs. Bzzz's bees, wasps, hornets control solution is a 3 step process.

Stink Bug Exterminator in Hudson Valley

Stink Bugs

We provide stink bug removal and maintenance plans in all of the Hudson Valley NY

Exterminator Wayne NJ Termites Removal Services


Termites can enter your home, condo, or apartment, or businesses through cracks in foundations as small as 1/32 of an inch. They enter seeking food - especially the wood of your home.

Hudson Valley Tick Control


Ticks can enter the home in many ways. They will hold on to any object until they can climb onto a host and feed.