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Mrs. Bzzz can help you deal with stink bugs in your New York home or business. Attempting to remove these pests on your own after they have infested your walls can be challenging. They are invasive and can spread to various concealed areas of your property. The best approach to getting rid of them and preventing their return is by seeking professional pest control services.

We offer comprehensive residential plans for Hudson Valley homeowners. Getting started is easy as we offer free inspections to identify the entry points used by stink bugs. Contact us today by phone or message to schedule your inspection. Mrs. Bzzz provides the most efficient stink bug control services in the Hudson Valley including Walden, Middletown, Newburgh, Warwick, and Port Jervis. Removing stink bugs from your premises is just a phone call away!

Why is It so hard to get rid of stink bugs?

Stink bugs get their name from the unpleasant odor they release when crushed. Homeowners often attempt to eliminate them by vacuuming, only to find that the smell lingers in their vacuum. Moreover, these pests can be challenging to eradicate since they remain hidden during the entire winter season. Professional pest control services are necessary to eliminate these pungent pests effectively.

How did I get stink bugs in my home?

During summer, adult stink bugs search for a shelter to spend their winter. They typically congregate outside buildings during this season, and as winter approaches, they find their way inside homes through any available cracks or openings. Throughout the winter, they remain concealed in walls, attics, and crawl spaces. When spring arrives, they emerge from their hiding places and frequently end up in living spaces. Once inside, they tend to cluster around windows or walls, attempting to find an exit.

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What is a stink bug and what do they look like?

Stink bugs in our area have a characteristic shield shape. They are generally plant feeders, though some are predatory. The most common stink bug in the area is the brown marmorated stink bug. Stink Bug removal is a service that we have been providing to our customers in Walden NY and surrounding areas for over 25 years!

An immature stink bug is called a nymph and is yellow and red in color. It has red eyes and as it matures the yellow of its body lightens to an off-white. Once it becomes an adult the average size of a brown marmorated stink bug is about 12-17 mm in length. Most stink bugs are nearly as wide as they are long. The adult is a brown color with lighter bands on the antennae and darker bands on the front wings.

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